He was born to be a farmer. It was something that he was good at, something he knew well. He was a giver of life, an alchemist that worked in dirt, seed, and manure.

Tracy Winegar, Good Ground

Professional Farmer 2017 takes you to the countryside! Enjoy the most realistic and most beautiful farming simulation!

Drive and Control your vehicles yourself, take care of your fields, plants and animals. Manage your farm to earn lots of money by selling your produce.

• Huge, free accessible gameworld
• Different, realistic seasons
• Original tractors- and machines
• Career mode including tutorial
• Different grain types
• Dynamic Ground including visual fields stages

Seasons matter

Take the weather and seasons into account when planning and cultivating your fields. If you sow or harvest too early in the year, your harvest may suffer as a result.


Countless tractors and machines from popular manufacturers such as John Deere, Lindner, Rauch, Zunhammer, Krampe and more.


The interactive Tutorial helps you to understand the game and start farming right away.

Sandbox mode

Sandbox mode lets the hobby farmer enjoy the game without restrictions - no time pressure or to-do lists. You can play as you like and live your dream.